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Medical Weight Loss

Losing weight can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. You can do it with discipline and expert help. At Wyldflower Aesthetics Skin + Wellness Clinic, we have started a new weight loss supervised Physician program that uses an approach to help you shed those stubborn pounds in a safe and healthy manner.

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Weight loss isn’t just physical. Losing weight takes mental acceptance and emotional strength. Our program for medical weight loss, here in the Bitterroot Valley integrates diverse treatments and wellness strategies, aiming not only for weight reduction but also to empower you towards adopting a healthier lifestyle and a positive mindset.


What Is 

Semaglutide has been used for diabetes management for over 10yrs. It is a glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonist (GLP1). As data was collected on the efficacy of this medication, it was found that significant weight loss was noted in addition to improving blood sugar control. Because of this, independent trials on weight loss have been conducted, and Semaglutide has recently been approved specifically for weight loss by the FDA.




Semaglutide also works by slowing the movement of food through the stomach and may decrease appetite and cause weight loss. In short: it mimics the “full' feeling causing decreased caloric intake, reduced cravings, and makes it easier to control portions.

Semaglutide also can help the pancreas to release the right amount of insulin when blood sugar levels are high. Insulin helps move sugar from the blood into other body tissues where it is used for energy. This helps keep blood sugar levels lower for diabetics and keeps the body from 'storing' the glucose as glucagon.

What Happens During the Program?

Your weight and health will be constantly monitored and readings regularly taken, to ensure that the weight loss program is yielding results.

Over the course of 3-6 months, you will be taught strategies to commit to your weight loss goals so that you continue to implement these physical, psychological, and emotional changes even after the program is finished.

What Results Can I Expect?

Most of our clients who undergo our program for medical weight loss at Wyldflower Aesthetics experience a weight reduction of 17-20%. That’s equivalent to a 4-6 dress/pant size reduction in just 4-9 months! Some lose more weight than this. Only in a few cases have we noticed a slightly lower weight loss result because of poor body metabolism.

What Happens After Treatment?

Once you get to your goal weight, if needed we can opt to stay on a maintenance dose of semaglutide to help you maintain your healthy weight.

Here is why you should 

Choose Us!

  • Completely integrated and multidisciplinary approach used for weight loss

  • Fully customized programs to suit your medical needs

  • FDA-approved prescriptions used to facilitate faster weight loss

  • Perfect for adults and children of all body types and medical conditions

  • Proven results of significant weight loss and permanent, positive lifestyle and attitudinal changes

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Medical Weight Loss FAQs

What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is a supervised, multidisciplinary approach to weight management that combines personalized plans and expert guidance and often includes medical interventions to achieve safe and sustainable weight loss.

Who is a candidate for Medical Weight Loss?

Candidates for medical weight loss are individuals struggling with obesity or excess weight, especially if conventional methods have not yielded the desired results or if there are underlying health concerns.

Is Surgery a part of Medical Weight Loss Options? 

Medical weight loss includes both non-surgical and surgical options. Surgery is considered when other methods have not worked and when appropriate for the patient.

What Medical Conditions can benefit from Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss at Wyldflower Aesthetics can benefit individuals with conditions like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. These conditions can be dramatically improved with weight loss, and medical weight loss ensures safe, consistent, and sustainable results.

How long does it typically take to see results for Medical
Weight Loss?

The specific results from medical weight loss can vary, but most clients notice improvements within a few weeks to months. A 3-6 month program is common for sustainable weight loss.

Are Prescription Medications Involved?

Yes, prescription medications are sometimes used in medical weight loss to aid appetite control, metabolism regulation, or fat absorption reduction under careful medical supervision.

How does Medical Weight Loss differ from Traditional Weight Loss Programs? 

Medical weight loss at Wyldflower Aesthetics distinguishes itself from typical weight loss programs by offering customized plans, professional medical supervision, prescription medications, and all-encompassing support from medical experts. Medical weight loss doesn’t just promote weight loss through restrictive diets — it identifies and targets the underlying health and lifestyle factors.

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